is created by Vincent Reiter back in 2015. Via this website, Vincent hopes his visitors can achieve their goals in finding cutting-edge and professional drone reviews, recommendations, comparisons and tips & tricks on tweaking their drones. Drones can bring much more fun if you spend some time digging info out and invest in the right ones.

How Did Start

Vincent has been working as a journalist for over 12 years. He’s always traveling to cope with various events as well as visiting famous landscapes. During this period, several drones with HD camera in different sizes have been reliable assistance. They always managed to get awesome views when taking photos or shooting video.

In his personal life, Vincent loves hiking and photographing. Flying drones on the top of the mountain not far away from his house, along with his twin boys and his pet husky, Lordy, is his routine fun after work.

When Vincent was buying his first drone, there was not much guiding information available online for a novice to get the money well spent. With the increasing knowledge and experience of using and picking drones, Vincent then thought that he should share everything in his mind about drones with people who need it. That’s the original purpose of this website – to provide useful news, reviews, tips and whatever else related to make a drone user’s life easier and funnier.